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Each year, California spends billions of dollars through government contracts with private businesses. However, winning those contracts and finding access to opportunities can be a challenging and complex process. Kate Bell has worked for years in California’s procurement process, having previously led the practice at Capitol Advocacy.

As part of her procurement practice, Kate has helped her client’s receive many large scale  contracts from dozens of different state agencies and departments. Kate works with her clients all the way through the process, from developing bid opportunities, ensuring funding in the state budget, identifying partnership opportunities, and protesting anti-competitive outcomes, all while maintaining strong ethics. Her track record includes breaking up a decades-long monopoly in California by ensuring that an opportunity went to bid, winning multiple, multi-million dollar contracts, and securing sole contract approvals with several government agencies, just to name a few. Kate has strong relationships with executives at the California Department of Technology, Department of General Services, and the Government Operations Agency, amongst others.

Kate Bell Strategies will work with you to develop a procurement strategy based on the needs of your business that will help you successfully contract with California.